access to healthcare #1 priority

I have served as a Medical Missionary to over 40 different countries. I have witnessed and participated in health systems that were government funded. Missing components included quality, excellence, opportunity and delivery of the quality health care. It was “just a job for the health care providers and staff.  It is not a plan for America, the public should have the right to choose. I am NOT in favor of Medicaid expansion and government involvement in health care delivery. I also oppose mandated employer-based health care coverages or payments thereof.

A solution to our current Medicaid cost reduction involves increasing the role of Nurse practitioners in Medicaid delivery by removing restrictions such as lower reimbursement and physician signatures.  Kansans should decide their health care provider and health insurance decisions.  I will promote an environment that fosters competition and choice in both insurance and providers, including providers, telemedicine, and safety-net clinics.

Access to healthcare is the problem, in Kansas. According to the Kansas Department of Health & Environment over 90 Kansas counties have some type of healthcare shortages. Expanding Medicaid does not fix the problem of health care shortages and access to health care. Furthermore, there is a shortage of MEDICAID accepting providers (Physicians, nurse practitioners, etc). Did you know that the KS Board of Healing Arts reports that there are 3,860 licensed physicians in Kansas? Sadly only 742 of these physicians accept Medicaid Insurance plans. There is no incentive for providers to accept Medicaid clients except mercy for their clients. In addition, the administrative burden has increased for those who are accepting providers.

Most people don’t realize that Medicaid reimburses at 50% or less than private insurance. Furthermore, you the patient, are often charged at over three times the actual reimbursement for the same billing codes. Most people also don’t realize that if you see a nurse practitioner in a medical office you are billed at the physician fee schedule, yet the nurse practitioner only receives 75% of that fee schedule with Medicaid. Who is pocketing the extra money, even if it is only a fraction of the reimbursement from private insurance?

I accept Medicaid insurance plans and the clients who choose this insurance. I believe in access to healthcare and giving back to my community.

Until we equalize payment for services rendered, equity of fee for service for all providers, while increasing provider who accept Medicaid, and most importantly decrease the provider shortages in Kansas. We cannot add another program that no one can service.

Our number one priority is getting Kansas ACCESS to Healthcare services.


Endorsement from NFIB

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Emily Carlson (NFIB), 907-891-4331 Small Business Endorses Cathy Gordon for District #18 KS House Topeka —The NFIB Kansas Political Action Committee has endorsed Cathy Gordon for State Representative. The PAC is comprised exclusively of NFIB members. “Our members support candidates who support small business, and Cathy Gordon clearly understands the challenges facing Kansas’s job creators,” NFIB State Director Dan Murray said. “We know Cathy will continue to work to create and maintain an environment where small businesses can succeed and create jobs.” The NFIB Kansas PAC’s endorsement is important to candidates running for the Legislature. Small-business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. The PAC’s support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on small business issues.