I support a strong military

I support a strong US Military. Thank you to all of you who serve and have served in the US military.
I worked for over ten years in the country of Mauritania as a non-profit/volunteer health care provider. During this decade of service, I learned the value of our US military forces more than once, through the eyes of foreigners. While trekking through the great Sahara Desert, I watched US Air Force plane fly over and eventually land in the capital of Nouakchatt. I had no idea why it was there, but I was not the only who noticed. It gave me a sense of peace in the rise and fall of the government in Mauritania including the rampart jihadist camps of the interior. Twice, while in country, governmental coup d’etat occurred. Innocent people were harmed, jailed, and suffered great loss during this time. During these trying times, many of the Mauritania’s I worked asked if our US president could send our military here and help the people them maintain justice, peace and solidarity. They recognized the strength, the power, and diplomacy of our military. They wanted the same, not a military who continually overthrew the government, stronghanded the people and promoted fear. They wanted to be safe, and protected. Serving on the disaster relief team in the Careforr district of Haiti immediately after the 2010 earthquake, I saw first-hand the diplomacy, and peaceful maneuvers of our US forces. Day one, we hoped to set up a medical clinic in Carforr at the stadium. Mobs of fearful people kept us from proceeding to our destination. They were desperate for food, water, basic needs while suffering from injuries and losses. Anguished and grabbing at our clothes, backpacks and supplies, they charged our vehicles. We were told to stay in the truck until the situation was resolved. Within minutes two large military trucks worked their way through the crowded streets getting as close as they could to us. They stopped and one truck unloaded about 20 armed military personnel jumped from the back of the truck and surround us. The other truck, had the same amount of people and set up an incredible well managed diversion of food boxes and water for the starving people while we advanced through the multitude. It was amazing, it was peaceful, and it was diplomatic, it was our National Guard. They calmed a crowd while protecting their own to serve others. One of the core responsibilities of our constitution is that our federal government supplies a military for the people. I support our military and I am very proud of their work.