A patients’ “eye view” of COVID19

My brother recently was discharged from the hospital after 57 days, during the COVID19 shutdown. We all were celebrating his release and improving health. My brother reached for my hand and asked about the COVID19 virus and how I felt. He then shared his experience as a patient, during COVID19.
“Sis” he said, “are you ok? I mean, these nurses that cared for me work so hard”. His head dropped and eyes looked directly at me, while he added ” they work with me all day, and then I wake up a night, and the same nurses are still there, like resting in the chair next to my bed. They don’t get a break”. He then asked me, “Are we caring for these nurses? Are we doing enough for them sis? I was so worried about them, they have families, are their families ok?”
We talked and talked about COVID19 and the shortage of PPE, the stress, the isolation, the lost jobs, the economy and much more, but again, he came back to “no sis, are they ok?”

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