I have recorded my candidacy for Kansas State House of Representatives, District 18 , for the 2022 elections. Shawnee, Kansas is my home.  I was born in Kansas from generations of entrepreneurs of hard-working farmers and small business owners.  I am a wife, mother, nurse practitioner and business woman in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors of our state.My mission, as your state representative is to be a voice of and for the people. As a nurse, I am very good at “listening to your needs”, focusing on your wellbeing, promoting healthy choices and planning best outcomes.  I will influence legislation that promotes health for people in our state without compromising excellence and quality. I will empower the small business to growth and flourish while creating jobs, and incredible work force. I will work hard to growth our state financially, enhancing our labor forces while educating to our youth to be good workers and community advocates.  I will work very hard for all of Kansas.I am a common sense conservative, lifelong Republican, pro-life woman, ready to join our incredible legislature and work for my community.  Kansas is a state where dreams are possible, caring for our neighbors still happens, and doing the right thing exists.  Your vote is powerful.  Please vote for me, Cathy for Kansas State Representative in 2022.

Cathy Gordon

Cathy For Kansas State Representative

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