Dear Citizens of Kansas House District 18:

I would be honored to be your State Representative from Kansas House District 18. Shawnee, Kansas is my home. I was born in Kansas from generations of entrepreneurs, hard-working farmers and small-business owners. I am a wife, mother, nurse practitioner and business woman. I have worked in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors in Kansas.

My mission, as your state representative, is to be a voice of and for you. As a nurse, I am very good at listening to your needs, focusing on your well-being, promoting healthy choices and planning best outcomes. I will influence legislation that promotes health for people in our state without compromising excellence and quality.

I will help to empower the small business to grow and flourish by promoting the creation of jobs and a skilled work force. I will work hard to promote the financial growth of all our Kansas families by empowering our labor force, making certain that their hard work is rewarded without unreasonable taxation by state government. I favor educating our youth to pave the way for them to reach their goals and dreams in the communities where they grow up.

I will work very hard for the district and all of Kansas. I am a common sense conservative, lifelong Republican and pro-life woman, who is ready to join our incredible legislature and work for you.

Kansas is a state where dreams are possible, caring for our neighbors still happens and doing the right thing exists. Your vote is powerful. Please vote for me, Cathy Gordon, for Kansas State Representative on Nov. 8.


Cathy Gordon

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